Bachelorette Parties in Lansing

Marriage is going to be a whole new adventure for you and we know that you are looking forward to it. But before you say I do, there is a little matter called a bachelorette party that needs to be experienced by you and your best friends. Does this have something to do with your last night of freedom? We are not really sure about that, but we do know that you deserve to have some fun and downtime before your big day and proceeding through that portal that leads to wedded bliss. These kind of occasions are no longer limited to just bar hopping or night spots. Some ladies opt to do an activity together like bowling or the theater or even a spa experience. It is all about having some girl time and enjoying some moments talking about the past, present, and future as you have some fun at the same time. Whether you want to go the whole nine yards and come up with a creative theme is up to you, but the only thing we recommend is that the bride is in on the planning so that whatever the activities, they are something that she enjoys.

One other thing that you want to make sure that the bride has a say in is the list of invitees. Make sure she looks it over before everyone is invited. You don't want to have someone there that has an ax to grind, this is a time for enjoyment and fun. And with that in mind, the way to make sure that happens is by renting a limo bus from Limo Bus Lansing. We can guarantee that your group will never stop laughing and having fun the entire night. And talk about benefits. There is absolutely no downside to booking one of our limo buses. You won't have to break the group up and try to carpool everywhere. That is no fun anyway. You want your whole group to be together for the entire evening. You won't have to try and decide who is going to be a designated driver which leaves some of your group out of the fun. And you won't have anyone running the risk of a DUI or an accident and injury because they tried to drink and drive. None of these issues will be a problem because you will be in the very capable hands of one of our professional chauffeurs who will make sure you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. Traffic snags are not your problem on this night. You won't be the one trying to find a good parking place. There will be no getting lost as our drivers know the Lansing area roads very well. And if you are able to stump them on any destination, they have GPS.

Now, you are probably wondering what you and your friends will be able to do while on your limo bus. You might do better to wonder what you can't do. When your limo bus rolls up, you will love the excitement of the ambiance created by the LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers. And who would've thought that there would be a customized hardwood dance floor and dancing pole installed? Let the moving and grooving begin. And of course dancing calls for music to be played which won't be a problem on our premium concert quality sound system with sub-woofer and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. Reclining in luxury won't be a problem on the luxurious leather wraparound seating. What impresses people the most are the bar areas with built-in coolers of ice that can be stocked with your favorite libations. It won't take long to see how much we believe in the power of electronics when you take a gander at the multiple high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. And we have not forgotten the little details either. You will find built-in cup holders and dark tinted windows so that what happens on your limo bus stays on your limo bus.

We think you will agree that a limo bus is exactly what you need for your bachelorette party. It will fulfill every want and desire you could possibly think of. And because you, our customer, are our most prized commodity, we make sure that all of our vehicles are constantly road worthy by having them inspected and maintained regularly by certified mechanics. So, when you have settled on a date, give us a call right away. You can speak with one of our friendly customer service agents and they will do their best to make sure you are in the perfect vehicle for your bachelorette party.