Common Questions about Transportation Service

Do we have to tip our driver?

Most companies have low prices, until they show up to your pick-up destination with demands of drivers gratuity and a fuel charge. However, with Limo Bus Lansing, absolutely everything is included in your total cost. You don't have to tip your driver if you don't want to!

Can we smoke inside of the bus?

We keep our buses and limousines meticulously fresh and clean, and for this reason we do not allow for smoking of any kind to take place on our vehicles. We will be happy to stop to accommodate your smoke break whenever you need to, though!

Are we able to drink?

As long as everybody on the bus is 21 or older, you can certainly count on drinking inside of the limousines and limo buses. After all, it's a celebration! Enjoy the amazing ice filled bar areas that you'll find on the interiors of all of our vehicles.

What happens if we go into overtime?

If you happen to go into overtime, you'll just have to pay according to the rate that you've already paid. We won't charge you an arm and a leg extra for going over your allotted time, so don't worry. We'll let you know of all of your charges before they occur.

What is the difference between a limousine and a limo bus?

A limousine has an elegant appearance, while a limo bus offers more space for partying. They're both updated with fantastic features, but limousines don't happen to have the dancing pole or room to stand up.

Do you only service the Lansing area?

Absolutely not! Check out our area of transit page for more information on the cities we regularly provide service to. Keep in mind, however, that these aren't the only cities that we can travel to. Give our booking agents a call if you're still looking for service!

Can children come on the vehicles with us?

They can! Just so you know, our vehicles don't have seat belts or any place up hook up a car seat. If there are going to be people under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the buses or limousines.

Are there any hidden fees you're not telling us about?

We don't find it necessary to hide anything from you. Anything you want to know about, we'll tell you. We don't pull up outside your house and demand more money before moving like other companies do. The only additional charges you might get are a cleaning fee for huge messes or a damage charge when something on the vehicle gets broke by a passenger.

Can the reservation be canceled?

Unfortunately not. Once you have paid your deposit, you are locked in. You also cannot change the date of your service. They only things you can do, depending on availability is move your time earlier or later or up grade or downgrade your vehicle.s