Elegant Corporate Events in Lansing

There are many forms of corporate events. Sometimes they are organized for employees. Sometimes they are meant to woo potential clients or business partners. But no matter who the event is focused on, there is usually an attempt by a company to combine fun with education. There are a lot of details that need to be decided on for the event to fulfill what its aim is supposed to be. Food and drink are two very important details of course. The location of the event and what kind of activities that will be included is also tremendously important. There shouldn't be any trouble in this regard because you are in the Lansing area. You have to strike the perfect balance in order to put on the most productive corporate event possible.

There is an one major factor we think you should consider that will help with that balance. Whether you are trying to show appreciation to your employees or impress potential clients, we have just the thing. Rent a limo bus from Limo Bus Lansing. Think about your day from the perspective of riding around in a luxurious limo bus. You and your group will be picked up at a location of your choosing and our driver will actually arrive before the time that you specify. You will then head off to your list of destinations that you provided us. It could be a hotel where you are going to hold some seminars and training sessions. Or it could be a bar or restaurant where you would like to treat your treasured employees to some nice meals and drinks. Whatever your destinations are, you can rest assured you will arrive at each one when you are supposed to. You will then be picked up where you were dropped off and head onto your next stop. And if there is a destination that you want to add that did not appear on your original itinerary, no problem, just mention it to your driver. Our drivers are very experienced and certified. Once they are hired by us, we put them through an extensive training program that focuses on you the customer. We believe in paying attention to every little detail because we believe this is what separates good customer service from great customer service. Also, we realize that you would want your employees or potential clients to have the safest trip possible so we want you to know that all of our vehicles are inspected and maintained on a very regular bases by certified mechanics.

While on the limo bus, the name of the game will be relaxing and fun. This should suit your purpose for your corporate event. The first thing your group might want to do is to mosey over to the bar areas with built-in coolers of ice. Before the event, make sure you poll the group to find out what everyone's most popular drinks are. You can then stock the coolers and everyone can have access to their favorites all night long. Now, if anyone or everyone wants to really get crazy, there is a customized hardwood dancing floor with dancing pole that could provide for some loosening up activities. The eyes of your group will constantly be darting over to the LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and cooler. No matter what the event calls for or the aim, music is always in season. And you have never heard music like you will on the premium concert quality sound system with sub-woofer and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. Another feature that you really might be able to use are the high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. If you have a training video or a message from the CEO, by all means, pop it in. And as far as seating, we haven't forgotten. We have provided you with a customized leather wraparound seating area that works really well for conversations. How does all of this sound for a corporate event?

We think you will agree, you need a limo bus for your corporate event. There will be no fighting traffic or looking for parking places. There will be no DUIs or injuries from trying to drink and drive. There will be no black marks on the company name. Take the plunge, call our affable customer service agents and start the conversation. It will be our pleasure to serve you and your corporate event.