Spectacular Prom and Homecoming Dances in Lansing

Formal dances like prom and homecoming provide those highlight moments that most high schoolers look forward to. Can it be a nervous time as well, yes, of course. There are many issues like a date, formal wear, and places to go before or after the dance that teenagers need to think about and decide. The Lansing area offers many options so these details should not be a problem. Some schools have a school sponsored after-party which is a great opportunity for the participants to stretch the night out. Another activity that some teenagers like to do after the dance is a stop at a greasy spoon for a midnight breakfast in their formal wear. There are also teen friendly night clubs. A couple of other fun options are a midnight movie or a session of bowling. We will leave these fun details for you and your teenagers to plan.

The big question for the parent to answer is how your teenagers are going to get to the dance and the other activities. You are determined that they will not be driving themselves and that they will not be riding with any of their friends. And we understand this completely. There have been so many unfortunate incidents that have happened at these events when they could have been avoided. So, there has to be a better solution in terms of how they travel around for the night. Having you drive them in the family minivan works for you, but it is not very palatable for your son or daughter. And we ccan understand that as well. Is there a compromise? How can you balance an amazing night of fun with safety?

Have you ever considered a professional mode of transportation? When everything is taken into account, it is really the prefect solution. You could rent a limo bus from Limo Bus Lansing and everyone would be happy. For your son or daughter and their friends, it would provide a luxurious and exciting way to get around for the evening. For your part, everyone would remain completely safe and end up back in their beds at the end of the night in one piece. Think about it for a minute. Get a group of teenagers to buy into the idea. One of our luxurious and stylish limo buses will pull up to a location at the time that you specify. All of the teenagers will then proceed to each stop on their itinerary safely and when they are supposed to be there. Also, no stops will be made without your consent. You will not have to worry about a DUI or even worse occurring. Our experienced and certified drivers are used to handling a lot of different situations. They are well trained and know the roads around the Lansing area very well. They also have GPS just in case. And to put your mind even more at ease, we want you to know that all of our vehicles are inspected and maintained by certified mechanics on a very regular basis.

So far, most of what you have read sounds great to you, but what does one of our vehicles provide to the teenagers in the way of entertainment? Well, our vehicles are not nicknamed a party of wheels for no reason. Teenagers love music and our limo buses have a premium concert quality sound system with CD/MP3/iPod inputs. Music means there should be dancing and while it may be hard to believe, ew have installed a customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole. At some point, they will want to try out the soft leather wraparound seating. There are also multiple high definition flat screen televisons with DVD capabilities. And to make things even more exciting, there are LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceilings, steps and coolers. If they need to quench their thirst there are bar areas with built-in coolers of ice can be stocked with their favorite drinks.

Does this sound like the best of all possible worlds for everyone? We thought you would agree. So, your next step should be to call our affable customer service agents and start a conversation about your needs. Have your group size and pick up location ready. It will be our pleasure to get the teenagers into the vehicle that suits their needs the best. We look forward to hearing from you.